Art Jewelry


by Milica Živadinović

unique & hand painted in Paris studio

From painting to jewelry, a marriage of two passions...

Artist jewelry painted and assembled by hand by 

Milica Zivadinovic in her Parisian studio.


           While continuing her work as a painter on canvas, Milica introduced jewelry as a new way to express her creativity. In 2013, a first collection of pendants was born, at the same time as the MITSI-PARIS brand. Very quickly, the pendants were joined by earrings, rings, bracelets, pins and cufflinks.

           For her jewelry, Milica is inspired by traditional ornamentation from the Balkans, Serbian medieval frescoes, great masters of painting or cosmic imagery ... Milica's poetic universe is reflected in her jewelry creations and her Slavic soul gives them a particular aura, inviting us to travel and daydream. Her sparkling and dynamic personality infuses her creations with a touch of fantasy.

  The MITSI-PARIS studio proposes to make a difference with the creations that will bring a touch of additional originality to all women who like to feel unique. For a special occasion, it is possible to order custom jewelry, choosing the pattern, the theme and colors to suit your taste.

MITSI’s line of earring’s makes for a perfect accompaniment to her pendants or stand alone as one of a kind jewelry.



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