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Cosmic’eye is a micro space in the eye of the beholder. It is a biometric imprint of a unique Me in a double mirror. Of myself here, and of myself there, on the other side.

What happens when the subject becomes the object? What exactly someone can see in the eye? 

A pebblestone of a fantasmagoric space, an optical illusion, a lucky charm and amulet, a longplay record, a top, fusion of lights, clouds, blue of a lost sea, magma of the universe.

Yet, the most intriguing thing may be the narcissistic flirting, the portrait of a self-obsessed soul, insolently, daring you to admit that the reflection is indeed reality. 

Infinite galactic blue has a scintillating star at its centre, seducing the beholder, stealing away the ground beneath his feet, letting him lose his balance in orbit. Hypnotised, he follows the spiral which leads to the nostalgic primal union. Of creation. Of essence.

Text by Ivana Misirlic  

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