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The artistic jewelry collections Mitsi-Paris represent the latest creations of Milica Živadinović, painter and art historian (PHD of the University of Paris).

While continuing her activity as a painter on canvas, Milica chose, a few years ago, the jewel as a new medium to express her creativity. Thus, in 2013, a first collection of pendants was born, at the same time as the MITSI-PARIS brand. Very quickly, the pendants will come join earrings, rings, bracelets and cufflinks. For her jewelry, Milica is inspired by the traditional ornamentation of the Balkans, medieval Serbian frescoes, great masters of painting or cosmic imagery. Milica's poetic universe is reflected in her jewelry creations and her Slavic soul gives them a special aura, inviting us to travel and dream. 

ZARKO _MG_3249 crno.jpg
ZARKO IMG_3253 crno.jpg

Milica realizes her jewelry as miniature works of art. Each piece is hand-painted, which gives them a special charm and makes them unique.

Materials used: Gold plated / silver plated covered metal casing, acrylic paint, high quality jewelry resin.

Butoni 1.jpg
Butoni 2.jpg
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