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The exhibition TWO FACES


presents kilims by Pirot from the Ethnographic Museum of Serbia

& "Wondering ornaments of Serbia" - art works by Milica Živadinović

In the exhibition TWO FACES unique examples of Pirot kilims from the Belgrade Ethnographic Museum, one of the oldest and most important collections in Serbia, meet with the contemporary and playful interpretation of these kilims in the works of Milica Živadinovic. Selected examples of the museum's kilims, more than a century old, enter into dialogue with the motifs of Milica's paintings, jewelry and video works, floating through the universe and conquering inconceivable spaces. Thanks to a specific relationship between traditional expression and contemporary expression, this exhibition gives new life to the Pirot kilim and its ornaments recognizable throughout the world.

📌 The project is realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Serbia. Under the patronage of the National Commission for UNESCO.

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