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- TWO FACES, in collaboration with the Ethnographic museum of Serbia, Cultural center of Serbia, Paris, 2024.
- KALEIDOSCOPE OF SERBIA, The Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura - INBA School of Crafts, Mexico City, 2024.
- MAGIC OF THE pirot Kilim, Silosi, Belgrade, 2023.

- THE JOY OF THE HERITAGE, Gallery Sanjaj, Belgrade, 2023.

- Rančićeva kuća, Grocka, Serbia, Day of Europian heritage, 2022.
- Gallery Čedomir Krstić, Pirot, Serbia,  First Festval of Pirot kilim, 2022.
- Museum of Herzegovina in Trebinje - International  Night of Museums, 2022.
- Memorial Gallery Mića Popović and Vera Božicković Popović, Loznica, Serbia, 2022.
- Cultural station SVILARA, in collaboration with French Institute and Fondation Novi Sad European Capital of Culture, 2021.


- THE MAGIC TREE, National Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, 2018.
- ETNOSTIC, Art Brut, Paris, 2014.
- COSMIC HARMONY, Memorial Gallery Mića Popović and Vera Božicković Popović, Loznica, Serbia, 2013.
MYTHOLOGY OF THE CONSTELLATIONS, Gallery Parisian Circle, Belgrade, June 2010.
COSMIC HARMONY, Cultural Center of Serbia, Paris, Opening as a part of the Museum Night, 2009.  
COSMIC HARMONY,  Gallery Macola, Küstendorf, Mokra Gora, Serbia, 2009.
THE VISION OF THE UNIVERSE, Atrium Gallery, Belgrade City Library, 2009.
TIME OF TETRAKTYS, Dom omladine Beograda - Gallery DOB, Belgrade, 2009.
COSMIC'EYE, Gallery Art’est, Paris, 2008.
COSMIC'EYE FOR WELCOME IN FRANCE, Residence of Serbian Ambassador, Paris, 2008.
COSMIC'EYE, Gallery Student Cultural Center (SKC), Belgrade, 200.8
Solo Show, Cultural Center of Serbia and Montenegro, Paris, 2006.  


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